WAVE3.com Platforms

Display ads: Display ads are highly effective at providing targeted reach and frequency to cost-effectively drive your brand and promotional message. Target a number of ways, including by purchase intent.

Site Wraps: Site Wraps are high impact and high visibility ad units that appear on the sides of stations main pages. These Desktop only ads are great for events and sales promotions.

Native Ads: Content-focused ads that emulate the appearance and functionality of headline news stories on the homepage. The strongest native ads contain useful information for the user while promoting the business. These are a great way to reach customers that may otherwise ignore other types of ads. Native ads clickthrough to an article on the station’s website all about your business and promotion that can be customized.

Video Ads

Pre-roll Video: Pre-roll runs on desktop and mobile and are skippable after 10 or 15 seconds. These video spots run before our video content on the station website.

Livestream Ads: Livestream ads run on desktop and mobile and are non-skippable, these mid-roll ads are :15 or :30 second video spots that roll during the regular commercial breaks of our livestream newscasts.

Programmatic display and video

We can reach practically any target audience across the Internet, across desktop, mobile and tablet formats. Popular digital audience targeting typically includes purchase intent or in-market shoppers, website re-marketing or retargeting, search engine keyword retargeting and contextual retargeting (consumers who visit websites that contain important content).

Using GPS location data, we are also able to target consumers based on their physical addresses, those who enter geo-fenced zones or events and even report when those devices enter your place of business or target conversion zone. This is highly precise targeting which also provides good feedback for various offers and creative approaches.


Over the top or connected TV, sometimes referred to as Advanced TV or TV everywhere, all refer to serving ads in content such as TV shows, movies, sports, and live TV viewed using an Internet-enabled streaming device, without requiring cable or satellite subscription.

We are happy to offer Premion, with its streaming consumers over 125+ leading TV and media brands with detailed reporting on platform, channel and including reach and frequency of exposure for non-skippable :15, :30 and even :60 video commercials.

Of course, the advantage is tremendous targeting ability to ensure your message effectively reaches your desired audience, local or national on all or select devices.

YouTube Advertising

You Tube ads offer significant value via targeting and multiple ways to execute. With Custom Audiences, Keyword, In-market, Topical and Remarketing alternatives, You Tube is best utilized with a blend of targeting methodologies. Executing via True View with bumper and non-skippable ads allow for optimization of your program to drive response at a value appropriate for your campaign needs.

Social Advertising

Our social media advertising offerings drive results across a variety of goals: Increase brand awareness, page engagement, web site traffic, sales leads and direct sales.  People-based marketing allows the connection of advertiser to the correct audience, with opportunities for direct communication and engagement via comments and messages, reactions, sharing and more. Lead generation campaigns contain contact forms with a variety of calls to action, with leads easily downloaded or fed directly into your CRM.

Targeted Email

Targeted acquisition email, or email to consumers you do not have a business relationship with, is an excellent way to reach many new prospects, and send traffic to your website, very quickly. We leverage big data, including daily triggers, to build a custom list of double opt-in addresses and manage the whole process, including creative, for you. Think of this as direct mail, but without the printing and postage costs. 

Following best practices, compliant with all email regulations, our program drives results, which we can prove via matching email recipients with your sales information for ultimate tracking of campaign ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO offering includes both On-site and Off-site components, including site technical features, blogging for fresh relevant content creation, social signals and external link building and directory optimization. SEO is never a single-issue focus and our comprehensive program can help you successfully drive organic traffic and conversions.

Paid Search

Paid Search or Search Engine Advertising is all about leads and conversions. We optimize our keywords, bids and the latest ad copy enhancements like extensions and structured snippets to drive results for your ad investment. We know how to make your phone ring and track incoming calls from your pay-per-click campaigns, with recording to help you optimize your sales process. Conversion tracking also lets us report on how well your campaign generates online leads, sales, downloads, email sign ups and other key web site activity for continual optimization of your digital marketing program.

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